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When you take a vacation or, for that matter, a stay-cation we all tend to capure those cherished moments with photos and  videos.

  • Weddings, 
  • Birthdays, 
  • Christmas*, 
  • Thanksgiving*, 
  • Proms, 
  • Recognition/Award Ceremonies, 
  • Anniversaries, 
  • Memorials, 
  • Funerals, 
  • Celebratory Events
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay

Remember That Day At The Beach

Perfek Pictures will alter your less complimentary captured moments into something more favorable. Sometimes the more favorable photo or video has the desired person among many other people. We at Perfek Pictures apply isolation and combination techniques to render customer satisfied representations containing the desired individuals and/or scenic background. We also digitally restore faded and repair damaged photos.

Remember That Day At The Beach

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* Customer provided Photos and Videos